Preferred Edition of Vento is launched by Volkswagen in India
Preferred Edition of Vento is launched by Volkswagen in India
Posted On November 17,2016 07:00 AM    Find More News of Volkswagen

It seems preferred initiative by Volkswagen in the favour of Corporate Executives after all. Volkswagen has recently launched the “Preferred Edition” of its widely popular Sedan Vento in India. It is mainly aiming towards Corporate Executives. With this edition, Volkswagen isn’t charging any higher compare to the ongoing Vento Comfortline models in India. Let’s just check out more in details in here…!!!


2016 Volkswagen Vento Preferred Edition India



  • Targeting mostly towards Corporate Executives, Volkswagen recently has offered Preferred Edition of Vento in India.
  • Pretty recently Volkswagen has updated the Engine Profile of Vento as well.
  • There will be features like Navigation Device and Alloy Wheels within this Preferred Edition of Vento in India.


Named as “Preferred Edition”, Vento is been recently offered with Limited Edition in India.

Vento Preferred Edition is targeting towards meeting the Requirements of Corporate Executives in India. This Special Edition will basically come with a kit that is wrapped with Additional Features. It is available only on the Comfortline Variants of Volkswagen Vento in India.


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About Volkswagen Vento Preferred Edition in India

  • Preferred Edition is offered on All Comfortline Variants (TSI, MPI, TDI DSG, TDI) of Vento in India.
  • Standard Comfortline Models are been offered with Discount Price of Rs. 50,000 by Volkswagen in India. & the Preferred Edition gets the Same Price Tag as that of Current Comfortline Models’ ongoing price in India.
  • Company claims to have offered Premium Features & Seamless Navigation within Single Click with respect to Preferred Edition of Vento in India.


The Additional Features of Volkswagen Vento Preferred Edition can be shown as follows.

  • Roof Foil
  • Alloy Wheels
  • High Quality Leather Seat Covers
  • Side Moulding
  • Wireless Rear View Camera
  • Portable Navigation Device


Engine Insights

  • It gets recently updated 1.5 Litre Diesel Engine.
  • It generates slightly more Power of 108bhp comparatively.
  • The same Engine Profile is used in Ameo by Volkswagen & Rapid by Skoda in India.


So folks… in this way, the Preferred Edition of Volkswagen Vento is all out on the roads in India…!!!

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