Get ready for 2 New Concepts and 2 unique experiences by Chevrolet at 2016 Delhi Auto Expo in India
Get ready for 2 New Concepts and 2 unique experiences by Chevrolet at 2016 Delhi Auto Expo in India
Posted On January 16,2016 08:00 AM    Find More News of Chevrolet

American Automaker, Chevrolet, appears to have well prepared for the upcoming 2016 Delhi Auto Expo just like several other Automobile Giants in India. To make the Experience of Visitors even more Enchanting, Chevrolet has come up with 2 new interesting ideas. Chevrolet will also be unveiling 2 New Concept Vehicles at the Expo. Another eye candy of the Company will be its upcoming Spin MPV of 2017 which will also be displayed at the Expo. Let’s just keep reading for all the Chevrolet Stuffs going to be experienced at the upcoming Delhi Auto Expo in India...!!!




  • According to the Company, Aspirations of the Indian Consumers are well taken care of with respect to the upcoming 2016 Delhi Auto Expo in India.
  • Chevrolet is about to introduce the 2 New Concept Cars at the Delhi Auto Expo of 2016 in India.
  • Customers will be witnessing for the 2 Unique Experiences in terms of Activities like Passabilities & Colorado Co-Driver.


2016 Delhi Auto Expo is indeed raising our excitement day by day. Almost Every Carmakers in India are well equipped to have their products explored at the Expo. Chevrolet however, seems to have worked a little off the track in order to drive more attention by the Visitors at the Expo. It will be introducing 2 unique activities at the Expo which are pretty much exciting as we learnt about it.


Chevrolet is going to organized 2 Activities as below.

  1. Passabilities
  2. Colorado Co Driver



MUFC is the Most Lucrative Sports Partners with Chevrolet. MUFC stands for Manchester United Football Club. Chevrolet has designed a game called “Passabilities” after collaboration with MUFC.

About the Game

  • Participants in the Game have to wear the MUFC Jersey.
  • Then they have to “Play” the Match.
  • Match will be captured after using Mobile Application.
  • Afterwards, A Short Film will be shown to the Participants. This Short Film is all about Passing to & From the Members of MUFC Team.
  • There will be lucky winners who can win the Football Signed by Louis Saha, the MUFC Legend. The Interesting thing is Louis Saha is also about to Visit the Expo.


Colorado Co Driver

It will keep your mouth agape. Visitors are about to Experience the Oculus Rift 7D Virtual Experience with respect to this Game by Chevrolet at the Expo.

About the Game

Participant will don the Headset of Oculus Rift. He then will be taking part in the Virtual Road Trip. This Trip can be availed within the Capacity of the Co-Driver who happens to be sitting in the Chevrolet Colorado Pick up. Participant along with the Co-Driver will be navigating the Harsh Terrains surrounded by the Pristine Mountains of New Zealand.


Chevrolet will be showcasing below at the 2016 Delhi Auto Expo in India.

  • Chevrolet Colorado Pick Up
  • 2 New Concept Vehicles
  • The Refreshed Sedan Cruze
  • Newly Launched SUV Trailblazer
  • Upcoming 2017 Spin MPV


Pretty Exciting indeed... isn’t it... So Folks... just wait for February 3rd, for more to unveil at the 2016 Delhi Auto Expo in India...!!!



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