New Export Milestone is been achieved by Chevrolet Beat in India
New Export Milestone is been achieved by Chevrolet Beat in India
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The most popular Beat has achieved a new milestone by Chevrolet in India. It was being produced at the company’s plant in Maharashtra in India. Countries to which it was being exported includes Chile, Mexico, Peru and several others. The interesting thing is beat is known as spark out of India. Let’s just see more about it…!!!


2016 Chevrolet Beat Exports from India



  • Chevrolet Beat is being exported to more than 70 Automobile Markets in World from India.
  • This year Chevrolet has added additional 50,000 units to its exports from India.
  • Chevrolet Beat is being produced in Talegaon Facility of the company in Maharashtra, India.


In September 2016, Chevrolet India has achieved new milestone in Exports from India.

The widely popular hatchback Beat is known as Spark in the other countries in the World. There are several International Manufacturing Locations but Beat is being produced at company’s facility in Talegaon, Maharashtra in India. & that company has achieved the Highest Number of Exports for Beat in India.


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About the Exports of Beat by Chevrolet from India

  • Including 7254 units of Beat to have been exported to Mexico, total around 7661 units of Beat were exported to the Markets of Central & South America by Chevrolet from India.
  • During FY 2015-16, Chevrolet Beat is the 6th Most Exported Passenger Vehicle from India.
  • Chevrolet Beat with LHD (Left Hand Drive) was exported to Automobile Markets such as Central America, Mexico, Caribbean Countries, Peru, Chile etc from India.
  • Till date more than 1 Million units of Beat have been sold in the International Markets by  Chevrolet from India.
  • In 2015, 21000 Vehicles of Chevrolet were exported to around 40 Countries from India.
  • In this year, company has added another 50,000 units to its exports from India.


So folks… Chevrolet in this way has achieved the new milestone in terms of exports from India…!!!



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