A Small Economy Car might finally be developed by Volkswagen in India
A Small Economy Car might finally be developed by Volkswagen in India
Posted On July 28,2016 07:00 AM    Find More News of Volkswagen

It has been noticed that Volkswagen the German Carmaker was trying hard from quite few years to develop the Budget Friendly Economy Car for the Emerging Markets like India & China. However, to keep the budget low & at the same time keeping the Volkswagen Standards of Quality didn’t seem fall on to the same page. Nonetheless, Volkswagen has found a new trick for doing so. Could joining hands with Tata would be helpful for it? Let’s see…!!!


2016 Volkswagen Economy Car India



  • Volkswagen AG is in the Communication with Tata Motors for developing Economy Car.
  • Volkswagen seemed to be much interested in having entry in the Highly Competitive Market of Small Car.
  • The Volkswagen Brand Chief Herbert Diess has taken responsibility of the Project of developing Small Car.


There are two huge Economies which are at their own growing stage.

These Emerging Markets are India & China. & Carmakers have seen to be much interested in developing for Small Car focusing mainly on them. Volkswagen in the same regards has tried a lot previously. However, keeping Volkswagen standard of Quality & making price tag Competitively Low wasn’t actually happening. A new idea of association with Tata Motors could be a solution for that.


According to Reports, Tata Motors is about to develop a Small Car.

This Small Car would partially or completely be developed for the Volkswagen by Tata Motors. It will be known as “Economy Car”. & Volkswagen is mainly considering this “Economy Car” to be developed for the Emerging Markets such as India & China. In fact, it will be First Ever Entry Level Car Concept by Volkswagen in India.


The Names behind this Project

  • The Brand Chief Hebert Diess at Volkswagen will be having the Responsibility of this Project.
  • The Corporate strategy Chief Thomas Sedran will be taking care of the Discussions with Tata in regards of Development of this Project.


Folks… in 2015 Volkswagen had announced the plans for adding 13th Brand in VW Group. Is this “Economy Car” going to be developed under that Brand? Let’s allow time to answer that…!!!



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