Founded more than a decade ago, Tesla the Automobile Manufacturer of the date is the perfect example of the Carmaker with a focus mainly upon the Energy Innovations & its related stuffs. So you will be finding the Incredible Power, Instant Torque & Zero Emissions with respect to this Electric Carmaker. But it won’t let you upset with respect to the design or the overall outlook.

 In fact in 2012, it has delivered the First Ever Premium Electric Sedan with Built Ground up of 100% Electric. Even it has greater plans for the world in terms of providing & excelling in developing of the same innovative electric cars in the future. It has partnered with many huge organizations of the world in order to accomplish the same. So it won’t be a surprise for us, if it comes up with something so astounding in the nearest future from now.

Tesla Car UpComing Models
ExpectePrice : Rs 48 - 50 Lakh
Expected Date : May-2017
ExpectePrice : Rs 25 - 30 Lakh
Expected Date : November-2017
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Posted On : October 04,2015 11:00 AM
Newer Technology will be running the Developed India sometimes sooner ...
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