Bajaj is an automobile manufacturing company based in India. It has inexpensive & rear-engined models to offer. The electric car by the company is proven cost effective & eco-friendly by every of its nature. The models by the company render for the extra ordinary results with existing fuels & no additional investment cost. Company believes in curbing the malignity of pollution in India. The vehicles by the companies are light in weight as they claim.

          It has robust monocoque Metal-polymer hybrid structure. This technology makes it easier for the vehicle to roam around the city. It also ensures you with high performance and fabulously ahead fuel efficiency. It gives you the efficient last mile transportation speed as well. The outlook of the cars itself make you wonder for a while as it has simply different look. It explores the technological innovations in India with environmental friendliness. Your bajaj will sound a perfect vehicle to be owned for.

Bajaj Car UpComing Models
ExpectePrice : Rs 2 - 3.50 Lakh
Expected Date : September-2017
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