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Skoda old Rapid  News
Posted On : November 04,2016 07:00 AM
If you happen to know, Rapid by Skoda in India was first introduced in the year of 2011 in India. Eversince than, there wasn’t any update offered by Skoda for Rapid in India. & that today after almost 5 years, Skoda has launched the facelifted versio...
Posted On : August 26,2016 07:00 AM
With Navratri and festive season there will be several exciting offers in Automobile Markets in India soon. Along with that curiosity among buyers in India rises with respect to new offerings as well. In the coming months there will be offerings by M...
Posted On : August 04,2016 07:00 AM
29 Cars to be debuted in the coming 4 Months in India The SUV, Hot Hatch & Luxury Car Trend in Our India isn’t going to STOP any which way… what do you say? Here, in the same regards we have a List of around 29 Cars that are going to make their ma...
Skoda   News
Posted On : May 07,2016 08:00 AM
Have you heard of Kodiak bear from Alaska? Well, if you haven’t already, you are going to have a little information about it. In relation to the Kodiak Bear of Alaska, the upcoming 7 Seater SUV Skoda Kodiaq is going to represent some of its Character...
Skoda New Superb  News
Posted On : February 24,2016 11:50 AM
Looking for Skoda car to have owned in sometime soon? Well, it seems like you have reached the right time after all. Skoda has just launched the New Generational Model of the Most Popular & Widely Acclaimed Superb in India. Mechanically to cosmetical...
Skoda   News
Posted On : February 18,2016 08:00 AM
The Brand New Concept was about to be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show by Skoda but Guess... Company couldn’t hold back until then. So here it is... exploring you all with the recently revealed Vision S Concept for the SUVs by Skoda. The co...
Skoda New Superb  News
Posted On : February 12,2016 08:00 AM
Have you waited for this Full Sized Sedan from quite some time? Well, that’s wait is ending by this February 23 by Skoda. The All New Skoda Superb with its exciting features and specifications is all going to be launched in the last week of this mont...
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